Phantasy Star Online - CAST Character Art - Norfair

Marmoset viewer scene

Phantasy Star Online - CAST Character Art - Norfair

I wanted to try my hand in real-time rendering and hair cards workflow. So I've modelled my Phantasy Star Online 2 character Norfair (Yes' it's a reference). PSO2 has a really decent character creation system that allows players to mix and match accessories to create new costumes. This costume is a composite of a few accessories crashed into each other to make the helmet.
Modelled using Zbrush and Maya, hair cards created using Xgen and Arnold, textures from Substance Painter and Photoshop, rigged in Maya and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.
I also got help from friends that would like to give deserved credit: (Thank you very much!)
Alexandre Quintin - Helped me by redesigning the high poly ring weapon models. (Impressively fast, in one sitting btw). I then built the low poly and textured them.

Andreea Scubli - She took the time to teach me how to plan the hair cards in XGen, then extract the card textures and all the card layering strategies. If this hair looks any good, it's because she took the time to help me. She has a mentorship program now, check it out!

Chris Scubli - Created the wing thruster FX textures.

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